This is the first post in a new category – mystery photographs. From time to time I will put up an image in the hope that somebody out there can help identify further details.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Elaine Donaldson, who kindly shared some wonderful photographs from her own collection. She graduated in dentistry in 1951 (the only woman in her class), taught in the Dental School, worked in Dunedin Hospital and in dental practice, raised a family, then returned to the university to teach in the anatomy department from 1974 to 1994.

This photograph, first published in the Evening Star in 1952, shows Elaine Harrison (as she was then) second from left, teaching in the Dental School. The students include Lorna Patrick on the left, and Lionel Renolds on the far right. They graduated at the end of 1953 (sadly, Lorna Patrick died just after completing her course). Do you know who the other two students are?

An update – 7 June 2013

Thanks to some excellent networking by Elaine, who forwarded this post to some members of the 1953 graduating class, everyone is now identified. My sincere thanks to all concerned. Let’s hope this bodes well for the identification of future posts in this series!

The people in the photo are, from left to right – Lorna Patrick, Elaine Harrison, Maurice Potter, George Ryan, Snow Renolds.